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CNet: “Netflix is forcing the conversation between Hollywood and it’s audience.” – See also…

AllThingsD: “Reed Hastings doesn’t want most of his customers to pay more. He wants them to pay less, and drop DVDs in favor of a streaming-only service.”

Schofizzy reacts to The Dark Knight Rises teaser

Kestrel Duopod – multi-purposed DSLR mount – Another mock-up of a camera mount that you can’t buy. [via @chrispycrisp]

iPhone4 inside a Canon DSLR body

Why TV Companies Couldn’t Care Less About Original Online Video

TV Networks Pull Back On Original Web Content

Can LaBeouf Pull a Connery?

NYTimes: Why difficult movies are difficult

Stanley Kubrick and The Tree of Life

Midnight in Paris’ becomes Woody Allen’s all-time biggest hit. How the heck did that happen?

List of Film Collaboration Websites