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Stull: The House of Horror Review

Hey ya! A quick update on the horror short “Stull” (what’s “Stull”?) — a nice review by Scott Baker just went up over at Hayes Hudson’s House of Horror calling it “a provocative short that definitely deserves a look”:

I really enjoyed STULL and love the potential symbolism that is conveyed in the story. This symbolism is why I am going to label STULL as a smart horror short. This is one of those films that you’ll think about and dwell on for quite a while after the credits roll.

The acting is good for a low budget film, as are the visual special effects (there’s not many fx shots, only a couple, but they’re done well).

It’s super-gratifying to read a review that ‘gets’ the movie. I’ve sent some other review copies out to horror bloggers so hopefully more reviews will be rolling in. Looks like this reviewer didn’t get a chance to check out the commentary tracks and I’m curious to hear how strangers like those.

(P.S. Remember if you’re buying the film there’s a 10%-off promotion currently running for readers of Making the Movie. More on that here.)

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  1. That’s great news, John. Well deserved. Looking forward to the ‘extras’.
    – Greg

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