The time has come to remove Natural Victims from YouTube. I’m going to leave up the trailer, but I’m taking down the film.

Why? Well, there are a number of reasons. It has been available free online for one year now. Anyone who wanted to watch it has had plenty of chance to do so. Secondly, while I had a great time making it and I’m proud of certain aspects, I don’t want the film out there as a representation of my abilities. The constraints of shooting and editing it in two weeks meant a lot of sacrifices had to be made in terms of quality. I don’t expect random people stumbling on the film to be aware that it was shot and edited in just two weeks, and I fear they will, accordingly, judge it harshly.

In the event that un-tapped demand for the film still exists, screenings can be “demanded” through Open Indie.

Even though I didn’t promote the film nearly as much as I could or should have, it did get enough views on YouTube that I got invited to be an Ad Partner. (I declined.) I’m a bit concerned that removing the videos will hurt the profile of the Tastes Funny YouTube account, but I have a couple of things planned for that account in the coming months that will hopefully raise it up once more. If you watched and enjoyed Natural Victims, please subscribe to the Tastes Funny YouTube account. And thanks for making the process of creating and sharing this film so much fun!