As with all of these Avid errors, just skip ahead to other less-technical blog content. I post these when I want solutions to turn up better in searches for other Avid users (and myself).

ECH: CBData Not Available

Couldn’t find anything on this playback error. I’m working with 1080i HDV (so GOP) footage in a 1080p project, with the motion effect promoted and the 3:2 pulldown / detect frames. Only some clips, all longer than a few minutes, seem to have this problem. I suspect this is related to the fact that the footage was captured without timecode because the camera man left so many timecode breaks.

No solution, but after a crash, I rebooted Avid Media Composer and was able to go to the first frames of each of these clips, matchframe and cut back in the clip pre-promotion. Once I have the clips cut down short, I’ll try detecting the frame cadence again to remove the flicker-motion.

No idea what module ECH refers to, but the fact that the error shows up in the same place as FlameThrower stream errors (aka FireWire), makes me think it is something to do with how the Avid interprets the frames of the footage for playback.