Sixty entertainment companies, including Paramount, Warners, Sony, Netflix and Microsoft have signed on to a DRM scheme called UltraViolet:

UltraViolet is the technology DECE came up with in order to make content both interoperable and secure as it travels between devices made by supporting manufacturers. It’s DRM, but it’s a form of DRM that DECE hopes consumers will go along with because of all the consumer electronics and content it should work with.

TechCrunch: With DECE’s UltraViolet, We’re About To See Just How Powerful Apple Really Is.

What about all the consumer electronics it won’t work with? Like everything you own right now, presumably.

It’s almost not worth reporting these schemes, so frequent are they, and so idiotic. There was hope the movie companies had learned something from the music industry, which has given up on so-called “Digital Rights Management” because it only inconveniences paying customers, and does little to thwart freeloaders.

Until there’s a single format for e-books which works on every reader — Kindle, iPad, Nook — and until there’s a single, unencumbered digital format for movies that does likewise, don’t invest in a digital library of media!

The people who bought songs with Microsoft DRM lost their music collections. The poor suckers who bought into DIVX discs got pancaked by the open and universal format of DVD. Any fool who buys a movie with UltraViolet should expect the same.

UPDATE: The Librarian of Congress agrees DRM is stupid, rules it is okay for owners and teachers to break.