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Avid Error of the Day: Unsupported Resolution

As with all of these Avid errors, just skip ahead to other less-technical blog content. I post these when I want solutions to turn up better in searches for other Avid users (and myself).

After accidentally attempting to consolidate some of Avid’s internal media, like the “Media Offline” card, I stated getting an “Exception: Unsupported Resolution” error.

It seems from this thread that there are a number of things that can cause this. But this advice is what worked for me:

Found a fix for this (for me anyway) on a Mac. I had the same problem “Exception: Unsupported Resolution”. Tried all the things the forums suggested, including a complete re-install of the MC software… STILL had the problem. Eventually distilled it down to this: apparently the Avid did not think that’s it “internally generated” media files were supported. By “interally generated” I mean, basically, Avid internal BLACK signal media, etc. Turns out the Avid software ships with an “Avid Media Files” folder in the Application folder than contains media and media databases. Trash those 2 databases (just like you would on any regular media directory) and, upon relaunch, Avid rebuilds them and… poof… no more “Exception: Unsupported Resolution”. Here is the directory path to delete the database files:

/Applications/Avid Media Composer/SupportingFiles/Avid_MediaFiles/ —> delete “msmMMOB.mdb” and “msmFMID.pmr”

So definitely try this before reinstalling Media Composer.


  1. Brilliant!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!! Thanks you for solving this completely unnecessary frustration for me. Though I am using Avid Media Composer on a PC rather than a Mac, it was the “msmMMOB.mdb” and “msmFMID.pmr” files in the SupportingFiles/Avid_MediaFiles folder that was causing this same problem in my system. Thanks a TON

  2. Yip! Brilliant. Problem solved. You’re a star

  3. Ooooh my gooood! It works ! Hallelujah ! And so many thanks !!!!

  4. Thanks. This was the solution I’ve been looking for for the past four days. I have shared this information with others on the Avid Forum. Thank you again.

  5. Trashing the databases doesn’t always solve this: in my experience this can be caused by a corrupted effect in your timeline. The only way I’ve been able to solve this is to duplicate the sequence and then delete sections of it until the error message disappears. this isolates the corrupt effect which can then be deleted from the original timeline. It’s frustrating but it does work.

  6. hi, i have this problem, but none of this solutions solve this. i deleted the database, and it stills report the error. i can watch the clip, drag into new sequence, but when i try to group the clips or edit in sequence, it brings the error message. any ideas what should i do?

  7. fixed it… i ve just installed newier version of media composer, and it works

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