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Sam’s Myth on the Trend towards Movie Poster Minimalism

Sam Smith, aka Sam’s Myth is a movie poster designer for Nashville’s Belcourt Theater (among many other things). He just posted a terrific survey of the great and not-so-great in a new trend towards minimalism in movie posters:

These designs fill pages upon pages of your basic “minimalist movie poster” Google search, and most of the artists offer their designs for sale in print. Now let me be clear: I do not mean to disparage the efforts of any of these artists. Some of the designs above I really love. But I am interested in observing how this “movement” has e-(de?)volved. It seems that as more of these posters crop up, the range of creativity involved in their execution has become more narrow; to the point where drawing a shape and typing a movie title has become accepted as “design.”

Sam’s Myth: Olly Moss and the Minimalism Movie Poster

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  1. Interesting article. Thanks for that! I also tried to create a bunch of minimalistic alternative movie posters:

    I did this to applicate for my studies…

    Feel free to comment!

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