Apparently there’s quite a fracas that’s been brewing between Noah Baumbach, the filmmaker behind The Squid and the Whale as well as the new Ben Stiller movie Greenberg, and Armond White, the legendarily cranky NY Press film critic. White allegedly once called for Baumbach’s “retroactive abortion,” yet took umbrage when he was disinvited to a particular advance screening for Greenberg, although later was invited to another advance screening.

A friend of mine named Jason Jackowski gathered these links together which tells the story, and how a whole world of film critics have been sucked into the feud…

Film Critic Banned from Reviewing GREENBERG?

Why Would Armond White be banned from reviewing GREENBERG?

“Anonymous” letter to film critics about Armond White being “banned”

Getting to the bottom of the Great Armond White/Noah Baumbach Meltdown of 2010

Further background on the Georgia Brown/Armond White feud

Proof that Critic Armond White DID Call for Noah Baumbach’s Abortion

Film critic Armond White dislikes Noah Baumbach’s movies: Interview

Armond White’s EPIC feature/review on GREENBERG (aka Armond White lost
it at the movies? aka J’Accuse, J. Hoberman!!)

“If Armond White Only Knew What Kind of Monster J. Hoberman Really
Is…” — J. Hoberman’s retort

Glenn Kenny gets the final laugh… “Jim” Hoberman begins his work day…
(only funny in the context of reading White’s feature/review AND
knowing the film reference)