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Extended red carpet coverage is about to start. I'll leave the fashion analysis to others. Send me any good links.
That a sketch with Sacha Baron Cohen making fun of Avatar was cut is a non-story. (It wasn't funny.) But Tiger Woods... http://ow.ly/1flEw
The Oscar.com online coverage is different than the tv coverage. They just did a loooong interview with Wolfgang Puck.
I love that James Cameron got put picture-in-picture to show Zak Efron. True priorities revealed.
True dat! RT @Philontilt: I love the Oscars. Today for me is like the Superbowl for most of my friends.
You can say it's ridiculous to rank movies, an experience that is entirely subjective. But people naturally do it.
The Oscars are a second draft of what movies deserve to remembered and shared. Box office is the first. The final draft is up to cineastes.
Tina Fey in the background behind Sigourney. Hope she's presenting again this year.
Christoph Waltz: "32 years brewing as an overnight sensation, makes the brew stronger"
Right now a flurry of Oscar dress designs are being sent to factories around the world to outpace the knockoff merchants http://ow.ly/1fkPP
Samsung really pushing their 3D tvs in the ads. Are they betting a lot of #avatar fans are watching, do you think?
I promise my liveblogging will make the #Oscar ceremony less boring. I wish I could promise the same for the red carpet show.
Explaining the new 'preferential voting system.' I blogged about that in my Oscar Pool Tips: http://ow.ly/1fmtR
We know there will be slow moments in the show tonight, but Hurt Locker vs. Avatar has to be one of the best #Oscar battles of all-time.
RT @slashfilm: Avatar producer Jon Landau's son (?) caught making faces behind Sandra Bullock on the red carpet http://yfrog.com/j9hzrj
Clooney looks tired. He was more joyful when he was waving at fans and signing autographs. You get the sense he hates red carpet.
RT @kmk_: why is miley cyrus even at the academy awards? i didnt understand why she was there last year. this year isnt much better..
Samuel L. Jackson says he will present UP. I hope the speech is written by Tarantino.
Have to give props to UP for being an animated film about an 80-yr-old man with a dead wife and a fat kid with an absent father. Very indie.
Jackie Harvey: "When the red carpet is trod & the curtain goes up, it will be The Two Steves hosting, Martin and Baldwin" http://ow.ly/1fmWP
I hate this. Every year I think the Red Carpet is ending, then I remember there's another 1/2 of it. Forget about shortening the ceremony.
Still no deal for NYC. RT @SurvivingNYC: Note to #Cablevision - no one wants to watch a free movie tonight, people want to watch the Oscars!
Identical questions, identical answers as the previous red carpet show. Yawn. Going to get food and drink ready for the long haul.
RT @ElliottKalan: Why does ABC's pre-Oscars introduction feel like it was produced by WLIW21 public television in 1987?
This sums up the twitter opinion... RT @JillFilipovic: J-Lo's dress: HATE.
Nathan Rabin: "It's weird to see Taylor Lautner with his shirt on."
RT @thejohnblog: A million dollars to anyone that can produce a photo of Jeff Bridges NOT squinting.
It's official, Kathy Ireland stands 2-Sherri-Shepards tall.
Bladder check. Here we go.
Glitzy stage. The Best Actor/Actress nominees right up front. Very American Idol-style opening.
If I could hear the applause better, might get a hint of who has more fans in the Acad membership.
Neil Patrick Harris???? No knock on him but wow, this is a terrible start.
Everything that was bad about the movie NINE just happened to the Oscars.
Steve Martin: "Streep holds record for nominations as actress, or as I like to think of it, most losses."
Steve Martin: Everyone who meets her says the same thing about Meryl Streep, 'What's up with all that Hitler memorabilia.'
Steve Martin comparing PRECIOUS to THE JERK. Baldwin: That cutaway of James Cameron just earned $3M.
Baldwin v. Clooney, the showdown. Clooney wins.
Not sure what the Baldwin/Martin dynamic is adding. Compare Martin's opening monologue in 2001 http://ow.ly/1fny7
Stanley Tucci just mouthed "horrible" when they showed clips of his performance.
Winner: Christoph Waltz. That's a bingo!
Waltz is turning his list of thanks into a narrative. Very practiced read. I guess he's won a lot of awards this year leading up ot this.
Ryan Reynolds introducing THE BLIND SIDE. A Canadian saying "American as football"?
Audio problems for Cameron Diaz and Steve Carrell. Another condescending Animation category intro.
Like the Princess Frog bit. Hope that Eric Goldberg came back to do the animation on Lewis the gator. He won an Annie award for it.
UP wins! Not a surprise. Would have been weird if it was nominated for Best Picture and didn't win here.
I wonder if they put the categories that were most predictable up top intentionally.
Nice speech by Pete Docter and very touching to see his wife's tears after he thanks her.
Miley Cyrus looks slouchy announcing Original Song with the alien Amanda Seyfried.
Down in New Orleans was the best of not great from PRINCESS FROG. If "Weary Kind" from CRAZY doesn't win, I'll be shocked.
Winner: Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett for CRAZY HEART's 'Weary Kind'
Ceremony moving along at a great clip. T Bone doing his part by not thanking anyone.
District 9 is the most popular of the Best Picture nominees on BitTorrent. The Blind Side and An Education are the least. http://ow.ly/1fi96
Disney/ABC let Cablevision broadcast again, 17 minutes into the Oscars.
RT @ElliottKalan: With a name like "T-Bone Burnett", he really should have an enormous beard full of porkchops.
Donna Bowman: Someday a bold production designer will eschew the use of giant Oscar statues at Academy Awards, and everything will change.
Nikki Finke: Producers Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman won't get hired for the Covina Dinner Theater when this broadcast is over.
Robert Downey, Jr. and Tina Fey - Best Original Screenplay - funny intro. Downey calls writers "sickly little mole people"
They should've shown story sketches for UP. That's really where an animated movie is "written"
Winner: Iraq journalist-turned-screenwriter Mark Boal.
This augurs well for HURT LOCKER for other awards tonight. Boal's script was turned down by everyone in Hollywood, by the way. All but one.
Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick honor John Hughes. Nice. But didn't other people die this year?
Wow. Is this the John Hughes tribute show? I love his movies, but correct me if I'm wrong, are any of them nominated?
Sam Jackson intros UP. Again, the copy demeans the characters of anim films by saying they are not "real people" - is Clooney's character?
RT @ElliottKalan: Samuel L. Jackson: "Get this motherf--kin' bird off my motherf--kin' house!"
Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana - Short Film categories. Making the case for why this award is done onscreen.
Favored: A Case of Loaf and Death
Winner: Logorama. Wow! A bigger middle finger to corporate law than CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY
Now for documentary shorts. China's Unnatural Disaster is favored.
Winner: Music by Prudence. A lot of Oscar Pool ballots have just been won/lost in these last two categories.
Wow, who let this lady out of the asylum? First play-off of the night?
Live-action short... dare I name a favorite?
Winner "The New Tenants" - they should really break these up. The momentum of the show has gone out.
Ben Stiller in Na'vi drag.
Best Makeup - favored would probably be Star Trek.
Winner: Star Trek. I want the fat Kirk hands!
Sad music cue playing off the Makeup winners... or playing on Jeff Bridges?
A Serious Man... the least-deserving of the Best Picture nominees? It's very good, but I hate the pretentious ending.
RT @johnaugust: Yeah, that Prudence thing was super awkward in person, too.
Rachel McAdams &Jake Gyllenhall - boring writing for the Best Adapted Screenplay introduction. Favored perhaps AN EDUCATION. Hard to call.
Winner: PRECIOUS! I did not expect Precious to win except for Mo'Nique's performance. Fletcher is apparently an egotist in talkbacks.
Steve Martin: "I wrote that speech for him." Mocking Fletcher's emotional inarticulateness.
Queen Latifah - Governor's award event... Roger Corman, Gordon Willis, Lauren Bacall, John Calley (Irving G. Thalberg winner).
Highlight montage is better than a rambling speech... but still show is dragging again. Robin Williams low-key intro to Best Supp Actress
Just give it to Mo'Nique already.
Big cheers from the audience. PRECIOUS is clearly the indie darling of this year.
Mo'Nique takes a big jab at people who campaign to win. She refused to campaign for her Oscar, and won anyway.
Colin Firth introduces AN EDUCATION. A good movie, this montage doesn't do it justice.
Oooh... coming up, a salute to horror films. So TRANSFORMERS 2 will finally be honored.
@ElliottKalan Well, I haven't seen THE BLINDSIDE. I was just asking the question. I would love a close-watched of the end of SERIOUS MAN.
Sigourney Weaver announces Art Direction. Here is where Avatar could get its first win.
Winner: Avatar. Sigourney happy for her art directors.
One of the art directors got a mortal diagnosis 13 years ago, sounds like a story. Any chance the Olympics producers around to do a package?
Tom Ford and Sara Jessica Parker intro costume design. Coco Before Chanel could upset period flick Young Victoria... nope.
Sandy Powell makes it a thrillogy. Classily recognizes costume designer who do contempo films but don't get recognition.
Charlize Theron intros PRECIOUS. Between winning the aud award at Sundance 2 yrs ago & Spirit Award last night, it may won more than Avatar.
Most categories left are predictable. But the big one isn't.
I guess the "tribute to horror movies" was just a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY skit.
Oh, wait, there's more...
Peter Bart sees the battle between Hurt Locker and Avatar as emblematic of two different movie businesses http://ow.ly/1fkLK
Silence of the Lambs is in the horror montage, won Best Picture, yet wasn't counted as horror by presenters?
@ElliottKalan Your horror montage would've been better :)
Hey, remember that DARK KNIGHT film everyone thought should've been Best Picture last year? It just got a nice fat ad this year.
Sound Editing Winner: Paul NJ Ottison. The Hurt Locker. He looks like he doesn't get out of the ProTools bay much.
This is an upset. Most expected regular Editing to go to Hurt Locker, but the sound categories are traditionally the province of action.
Hurt Locker wins again for Sound Mixing. Sweeps are common for these two - they should combine into a single Sound oscar that honors team.
Fair play... There's no Oscar for Colorist - the visual equiv of Sound Mixer.
RT @ElliottKalan: As someone who's produced an Academy Awards montage, that horror montage was a real disappointment.
Sandra Bullock dull intro of Cinematography. WHITE RIBBON won the guild award but Avatar could win for 3D.
Winner: Mauro Fiore - Avatar. If you're keeping count, PRECIOUS 2, AVATAR 2, HURT LOCKER 3.
"The gifts they shared with us in front of the camera and behind" sounded like an innuendo coming from Demi Moore.
James Taylor doing The Beatles "Places I Remember" - very nice. Lots of great writers lost - Larry Gelbart, Bud Schulberg, Horton Foote
James Taylor looks like a slightly less corpsey Robert Duvall.
RT @ElliottKalan: There's no suspense for the In Memoriam now that we know John Hughes won for Best Dead Filmmaker.
Best Original Score... if UP doesn't win, I'll be sad.
They replaced the song performances with breakdancers and ballerinas dancing to a medley of scores?????
I can't even begin to describe how wrong this is. This is the thalidomide baby of Oscar dances.
Yes! Michael Giacchino for UP. Such a great score, and such a wonderful man.
That guy they were showing clapping is Jonas Rivera, producer of UP.
Visual Effects. Avatar almost certain to win.
Winner... Avatar. They did amazing work and pushed the envelope... the question is whether Jim Cameron will honored for the same.
Jason Bateman leaves himself out of the list of excellent performances in UP IN THE AIR.
"Will the Best Director be the first vagina-boobs-person, the first black dude or just another white guy?"
Best Documentary - favored is The Cove, but it may be too overproduced for the few Acad documentary fans who were allowed to vote.
Winner: The Cove. Have heard a lot of recommendations for this. Super-well-produced action movie-style doc.
They cut away when a producer held up a sign saying something like "Text Dolphin to 44144"
Tyler Perry introducing Editing. Do we really need an explanation of what it is, and a bad one at that?
Best Editing Winner: The Hurt Locker. Well-deserved. That movie is built on the incredible tension of not cutting.
Keanu Reeves introducing THE HURT LOCKER. I guess they are trying to handicap the film by giving it the worst public speaker.
Tasha Robinson at The Onion AV Club: Text POINTBREAK to some dolphins
Almodovar and Tarantino to intro Best Foreign Language film. Sadly the only time Quentin will be on stage tonight.
White Ribbon is probably the favorite...
The Winner is El Secreto De Sus Ojos. Nice upset - this is an unpredictable category since they made it so only Academy members can watch.
Sony Pictures Classics had 3/5 of the nominees in this category. The odds paid off.
Wow, I don't believe Steve Martin or Alec Baldwin have said anything funny since the monologue. Is Bruce Villanch napping backstage?
RT @simonmiraudo: I had The White Ribbon, but Michael Haneke is such a jerk I'm happy to see him lose. In your face patronising weirdo!
Best Actor... they have brought back the innovation from last year with other performers congratulating the nominees.
Jeff Bridges will undoubtedly win here. Feel free to go 10-100. Make that 10-200.
RT @JacquesDutronc: un prophete was robbed.
RT @lmcnelly: the Cove has already added "Oscar winner" to their webpage http://bit.ly/w8vWd
Tim Robbins has a funny rib of Morgan Freeman. That's the kind of writing this show has been lacking.
Colin wishes Jeremy Renner good luck, laughing. Yeah, good luck feigning surprise when Bridges wins.
Kate Winslet, looking more beautiful every year, gives the Oscar to a man who looks worse: Bad Blake, er, Jeff Bridges.
Are Jeff Bridges' mom and dad stage hands? Why is he looking up and waving the Oscar like that otherwise?
I think we can all agree that he's really getting this Oscar as an apology for not being recognized for his performance in THE BIG LEBOWSKI.
Jeff Bridges thanks his daughters. Because they taught him what it was like to play an alcoholic, deadbeat father.
Sandra Bullock's Razzie Award acceptance speech http://ow.ly/1fkNX
Oprah points out how crazy it is that Gabourey Sidibe is in same category as Meryl Streep.
I put her in the "happy to be nominated" category, but after PRECIOUS' many wins tonight, Sidibe could have a better chance than Streep.
Lots of love for Sandy... she's the favorite here, despite having perhaps a lesser performance... well-loved by H'wood.
Winner: Sandra Bullock. Let's see how this compares to her Razzie speech.
@ElliottKalan Heaven, is that what they call the lighting grid?
Nice tearful acceptance by Bullock. She has been crowned by Hollywood. I hope she still does comedies after this... er, funny comedies.
If Kathryn Bigelow doesn't win Best Director, I'll be sad. If she does, I'll be annoyed by the inevitable glut of glass ceiling stories.
The winner... Kathryn Bigelow. In case you couldn't tell from Streisand saying ominously, "The time has come."
Bigelow thanks screenwriter Boal who "risked his life for the words on the page." Very classy speech, very well-deserved award.
The question is, does #Avatar still have a chance at Best Picture?
RT @ajschnack: In press room, The Cove director Louie Psihoyas arguing w Japanese reporter. (via @thecarpetbagger)
Wow... and a swift conclusion with THE HURT LOCKER winning Best Picture. Thanking the banned producer Nicholas Chartier.
Dan McCoy: Not my favorite of the nominees, but the best of the ones that had a snowball’s chance of winning. Congrats, Hurt Locker.
Thanks for reading along. Sorry if I clogged up your feed. I'll be doing analysis on makingthemovie.info in the coming week.
How did Hurt Locker become the film with the least box office to win the big award, against Avatar, the film with the biggest BO ever?
RT @zombiespirit: The ride home with James Cameron tonight is going to be a long one.
RT @giteshpandya: 6 Oscars for HurtLocker: Picture, Director, Editing, Orig.Screen, SoundMixing, SoundEditing. $14.7M.
RT @ElliottKalan: Now maybe her mom will respect Kathryn more than her charismatic yet disreputable brother Deuce.
RT @Marcusist: Obviously, the best part of the #Oscars was the Jesse White Tumblers performing to the Best Score nominations.
This Oscars may have better ratings than others, because of trends, but it was the worst in terms of producing in a while.
Nevertheless, the Bigelow-Cameron ex-spouse Hurt Locker v. Avatar indie vs blockbuster battle was riveting. Going to bed satisfied.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope I helped make the show a bit less boring. As I said, I’ll be doing more analysis in the coming days.

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