Supposedly the trend started in 1996, when Independence Day successfully used the Superbowl as a springboard.

Cinematical has a rundown of which movies played this year, and which ones played last year. Some had more springboard success than others:

It’s interesting to look at last year’s spots, because some of the films advertised, specifically Year One and Land of the Lost were big disappointments at the box office. Then, of course, there was the marketing travesty involving a 3D commercial for DreamWorks Animation’s Monsters vs. Aliens. Besides misrepresenting the film in an antiquated type of 3D that doesn’t do the movie or new technology justice, there were too many Super Bowl viewers who lacked 3D glasses, whether due to a shortage or complete unawareness of the necessary specs.

A Superbowl ad is like a shot across the bow. It is where a studio declares they are willing to spend spend spend to make a movie a tentpole. Only the biggest, most mass-appeal movies get this treatment, because a Superbowl ad is just the kickoff to a much larger marketing campaign.

That’s why it’s interesting that Cinematical notes the absence of an A-Team trailer from 20th Century Fox. Was it not ready in time, or are they not planning on making this film a tentpole?

MORE: Obsessedwithfilm has a couple of the ads as embedded videos.