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Vimeo Updates – 1080p, Mobile Support

YouTube competitor Vimeo has stepped up to 1080p as well, and — great for iPhone users like me — announced:

In addition to offering our featured videos on mobile devices, we are excited to announce mobile support for all Plus members’ videos! Plus members who own an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, or Palm Pre can now go to our mobile site, and make mobile versions of their videos.

So it’s a premium service, at least for now. But it sounds like, like YouTube, if your video is popular enough (or ‘featured’), they’ll convert it for free.

Also like YouTube, Vimeo is Beta-testing HTML5 video support. For those who don’t know, this is a technology much like Flash, but can be built into every browser because it’s not locked down like Flash is by Adobe (or Silverlight for Microsoft or Quicktime for Apple, for that matter). Vimeo has a blog post explaining.

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  1. Firefox and Opera need to do something about this… YT and Vimeo are using the h264 codec for HTML5 and these browsers are incompatible with that. They're using the Theodora codec because is open source.

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