Many years ago in New York I went to a screening put together by a film collective called Blatantly Subtle. I was happy to come across some of the same names from that collective on the website of a new Los Angeles collective: We Make Movies.

The main page is something of a manifesto, and it includes a rousing declaration of independence:

To sum up… we intend to make sh*t happen. We have eight features actively in development, an award winning feature that we have shot and will be distributing soon, various shorts we are planning to make in the coming year, and, in general, an absolute refusal to accept that indie film has become a hopeless and miserable experience. We may be wrong… but at least we’re doing things. What are you doing? If the answer is nothing, but you’d like it to be something, come hang out with us.

The site has a resources area, including an excellent linkroll for distribution. Check it out.