Mike Fowler at DeadlineHollywood has a preview from the big dance:

So what are the hot films? Howl premiered last night and, while there were plaudits for James Franco, many felt the film was arty, which at least for fest organizers is a good thing but no much for the pic’s commercial prospects.

Today, the hot ticket was business as usual: TV producer/writer John Wells’ film The Company Men, with Ben Affleck leading a marquee cast. Still, there were discoveries. Like a daytime screening of the docu Catfish which, despite its innocuous title, got a resounding ovation. But most of the big buyers were busy elsewhere and therefore sent only underlings to see the cyber romance that develops between a 24-year old photographer and the sister of a youth who takes an interest in his work. Tomorrow’s screening should have more bigwigs who’ll decide if the film’s worth buying for distribution and/or remake.

Also today’s trio was the Natalie Portman-produced Hesher, as well as Douchebag, a film that doesn’t have stars but is one of the few comedies available.