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Stull: Cover Art, Disc Face Art

UPDATE: DVDs of Stull are now available! Buy one today.

Stull DVD Cover Art
I should’ve been sleeping but I stayed up late last night to finally finish the cover art and disc face art for Stull.

From the many DVD fulfillment options, I’m going with CreateSpace. At least for now. They’ll let me order a small batch so I figure it’s lower risk.

Stull DVD Face Art
I found some links to logos used for DVDs. First of all, there’s always sonnyboo’s page. DiscMakers has a free logo font. Brandsoftheworld has an all-region NTSC logo. Wikipedia has the closed captions symbol and the Dolby Digital logo.

Given more time and Photoshop skills, I probably could’ve made these images a lot better. But I’m never going to have more time, and there’s only one way to develop Photoshop skills.

My next step is I mail CreateSpace the successful test DVD I made and they strike a proof. I owe a lot of people DVDs out there, so I’m excited to finally deliver… just when they least expected!

MORE: I updated the post on DVD Fulfillment Options with some thoughts about CreateSpace.

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  1. Looks good. Have seen lower quality Stuff on "real" "on the shelf" DVDs, so you're good to go I think :-)

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