I’ve been asked to give my Top Ten of 2009. I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of the movies of 2009 to do a ranking. But I can name a bunch of movies I enjoyed. If you don’t see your favorite film on here, just assume it’s because I haven’t seen it yet. (Nevermind any negative reviews of it in the review section of the blog — it’s the holiday season.)

In no particular order…

Hump Day

No movie made me laugh harder. My favorite of the films I saw at Sundance.

District 9

An energetic and original sci-fi action movie. Destined to spawn many sequels.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I saw this movie twice. It only got better. The world of Mr. Fox bears minute scrutiny. I can’t wait to see it again.

Inglourious Basterds

Quentin Tarantino’s World War II extravaganza is one of most entertaining and definitely the most daring film I saw all year.

In The Loop

Hilarious British political spoof. The funny is bittersweet, since it recounts true events behind the leadup to the Iraq War.


PIXAR’s unlikely thrill ride about a crabby octogenarian and a tubby Wilderness Explorer ought to be nominated for Best Picture.

Star Trek

Super-entertaining franchise reboot.


Not a perfect film, but it perfectly captures the directionless ennui of the post-college summer.

The Hurt Locker

A leading contender in the Best Picture race, with good reason. This is a brilliant piece of filmmaking. A great movie about humanity first and the Iraq War second.


An imaginative story and second best use of 3D to Up.

Rudo y Cursi

Perhaps my favorite film of the year. This story of two soccer-playing brothers is a great story, brilliantly told.