The New York Times ran a gushing profile of Jason Reitman last week. If I had to pick now, I’d say Up in the Air is a front-runner in several Oscar categories. Of course, I haven’t seen the movie or probably most of the other movies that consensus will eventually peg as Oscar caliber, so I’m just making wild predictions.

Reitman is pretty young to get Best Director consideration, which often goes to the veteran over the young turk. But I thought Thank You for Smoking was a preternaturally steady debut, and that what he did with Juno was a high-wire act; and I’m in general a fan of recognizing directors and writers who work more on the comedic side, something that is perhaps more difficult than getting us to care for a pair of lovable slumdogs.

In any case, I’m sick of hearing about Up in the Air. I’m ready to see this movie already.