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Natural Victims: The #2wkfilm Begins

Lillian and Micah went to Coffey Sound and picked up the sound package yesterday afternoon. That was the big money expense and that means we’re going for it.

It’s a crazy idea — to shoot and edit a feature-length film in two weeks! But I keep saying, what if it works? If I prove to myself that an entertaining movie can be made for no budget in a short time frame, that’s even worse.

That means I’ll have to make more :)

The #2wkfilm is the brain child of a San Francisco filmmaker named REid Gershbein, @thraveboy on Twitter. As you’ll see on his site, The Royal Baronial Theatre, there are a bunch of us making Two Week Films this round. And it’s not too late for you to join in. If you send REid an email or a tweet he’ll put your name on the filmmaker list and link to your project. Get in now, while the movement is just beginning.

Well, I’m off to the grocery store to get the last of my BBQ food for the first scene of the movie / my real-life birthday party. I’m savoring this moment. Right now, I still have no idea what I’m getting into.

NEXT: Day One

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  1. Yes. (Sorry I didn't get out of my game in time.) You got me for Tuesday.

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