Day Eight

As predicted, I spent the whole day editing. Well, editing and doing laundry. Even a #2wkfilmmaker has to do laundry :)

Actually, I was forced to do laundry because we got Drew’s shirt dirty on Day Seven. Fake blood, what can you do?

The good news is, I got through synching sound with all but Day Seven’s footage and was able to watch a good deal of the footage to get a sense of what might be missing. Of course, I won’t really know missing key insert shots for whichever scene until I get into full-on editing it. The good news is, no wasting time on pick-ups. If I don’t have it, I’ll just have to edit around it and move on.

That’s the magic of two-week film. I can already tell the style of editing will be more loose, jump-cutty French New Wave-ish of necessity. The fact that these improv-trained actors don’t like to have any dead air is going to be blessing and a curse. The cross-talk and constant spin-offs into new topics will be hard to cut around. But they also lead to some bizarre and funny moments.

For example, when a fly flew into Mike’s ear during a scene, he was like, “Did you see that? A fly just flew into my ear, had a party and flew out.” It may not sound funny reading it but, trust me, in the moment and with his delivery: hilarious!

Day Nine

Kurt HahnI write this as I dump the footage from an epic Sunday. We had a day-player early on, Kurt Hahn, who played a reporter interviewing… not to give anything away, I’ll just say ‘a survivor of an attack by the Griffith Park Killer.’

Kurt’s mission was to take everything the survivor said, but repeat it back with a particular spin that would make for a better newspaper story. Watching the victim get more and more hysterical as Kurt tried to spin the story made for a great scene. It’s a denouement scene, so I’ll probably have to cut it pretty short — that’s a shame, because the actors gave me a wealth of really funny material.

After that, we went off with the three leads and got a few connector scenes and things I had identified would be useful when I was going through the footage yesterday. Lots of hilarious stuff here, including one discussion — about how the trail the characters were on was like a marathon course — which caused me and today’s sound man, the unstoppable Micah Baskir, to laugh and ruin the take. Micah happens to be training for a marathon at the moment, so it really hit home. (Now is an opportune moment for me to link to Micah’s entertaining marathon training blog.)

We all went to Fuddrucker’s for lunch. I was planning to take the cast and crew to a great Cuban place but, alas, it was closed. (Mambo’s on Victory Blvd, if you’re reading this, maybe give Sundays a try, because I hear that people eat every day of the week. Admittedly, I only have anecdotal evidence to back this up, namely my whole life experience and the experiences of everyone I’ve ever known.)
I polished off half an ostrich burger and two fountain-glasses worth of cookies-and-cream shake, then it was back to the location to get a scene that we ran out of time to get Friday. And that was it.

Sound kit has to be returned tomorrow morning. If I don’t have it now, it’s not in the movie. Scary, but every movie comes to that eventually. It’s just that having no budget or time makes you face the music sooner and at great volume.

And that music is singing, “Carry on, my wayward son.” No wait, now it’s singing “Papa, paparazzi.” I guess ‘the music’ is a fan of Lady Gaga.

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