With no actors today, I spent most of my time playing around with the footage already shot, including an extensive test of a cool piece of software called PluralEyes. You feed PluralEyes a Final Cut Pro sequence with clips that need to be put into sync, and it lines them up.

Or does the best it can. PluralEyes was able to figure out, after a several hours calculation on the Day One media, which of my video clips (with scratch audio) match with my clean audio tracks in about 80% of cases. Perhaps because of sync drift, it wasn’t able to nail the sync dead on for most of them. But it was a good start.

My problem is that I plan to edit on Avid (not as a judgment against Final Cut, which is the program I learned to edit on, but because I’m on Avid all day long at work and am considerably faster with it). So to use PluralEyes in the workflow, I’d have to round-trip the media. What I may do is set it cranking overnight, then wake up and use it to tell me which clips go with which — and those I’ll rename to make it easier for me to find sync in the Avid.

I could use a clapper slate on set, but that’s a dead giveaway and pretty much requires a semi-dedicated crewmember. So far, having an actor clap hands is working fine. I also downloaded an iPhone app called Movie*Slate, but have yet to use it on the shoot. It may have the advantage of stealth, but it requires the same if not more dedication. (It’s a very sophisticated program. There are other ones, including LlamaSlate, Slate, and iSlate that seem to be simpler.)

Of Spokesmen and Stop Motion

Since we didn’t have actors today, Lillian and I spent the afternoon back at the BBQ spot shooting one of the planned “commercial breaks” in the movie. At certain key points, the story of the main characters is going to be interrupted by something like commercials… except they are all ads for things that are connected to the world of the film.

In this case, it’s me giving a spiel about the comedy website, TastesFunny.net, on which the film will premiere (and whose clothing designs are featured in the movie).

Part of the commercial is going to involve some crazy stop motion with picnic food. I’ve been playing around with Day One footage all day. But now I’m kind of keen to load this in and see how it turned out.

Tomorrow is a big question mark. Again, I have no actors. It may be a full edit day, or we may take the opportunity to get Lillian to change into her alter ego Ukelilli and record some of the soundtrack. It always helps to be able to edit to the music.

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