Filmmaker John Ott, tired after Day Seven of shooting #2wkfilm Natural VictimsWell, I’m plum exhausted. This has been one of the shortest, longest weeks of my life. Everything has been a rather thrilling rush. I was hoping to be in an all-editing mode by now, but due to cast conflicts early on, we still don’t quite have the full story shot.

We got a lot of the ‘trial by knife’ today, but not everything I was hoping. The actors were good sports, dealing with fake blood and sharp implements after a fairly lengthy, steep hike.

We have the sound kit for two more days. Drew has a conflict right in the middle of the day tomorrow, so that leaves Sunday as the final shooting day. Tomorrow, I’ll spend all day going through the footage and try to make a checklist of everything that’s missing.

If we don’t get it Sunday, it ain’t gotten. I’ll have to cut the movie without it.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Mañana

I was going to go to work tonight to dump today’s footage, but then I sat down to eat dinner with Lillian and started watching The Office. Big mistake. The dinner was great and the show was fine, but sitting down to watch t.v. took away all my momentum.

I’ll be in editing all day tomorrow, I’ve reasoned. I’ve got to reset my body clock, which got adjusted to 3AM bedtimes the last few days, so I can be up early on Sunday. All excuses, probably.

But here I am at home. It’s just after 9pm and I think I’m going sleep soon. Maybe I’ll work a bit more on the press release I’m writing. REid Gershbein, the Godfather of the Two Week Film, sent me some good quotes to use:

“why did I start #2wkfilm?”

Because a simple and extremely constrained goal is one of the best motivators for bringing groups of people together to tackle a seemingly overwhelming goal, creating a feature film. Hopefully, it will inspire new filmmakers to create their first films and give all filmmakers opportunities to grow creatively and practically by going through the process.

“what is the defining characteristic of #2wkfilm?”

Freedom and empowerment. You take an idea and you know that no matter what you will have a feature film at the end of two weeks. After that you have already separated yourself from the hundreds of thousands of people who want to make feature films and never do.

And that’s it in a nutshell. When this is done, we will have made a feature film. Just thinking about it is giving me some energy…
John getting energy?

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