All over the world, the music and movie industry lobbies are pushing ‘three strikes’ rules for copyright violations. Rightwing French President, Nicolas Sarkozy has been a big supporter of these laws. But, in an irony that feels like, to use a French phrase, dejà vu, Sarkozy appears to have incurred 400 strikes:

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, the presidential audiovisual services produced 400 unauthorized copies of the 52 minutes documentary “A visage découvert : Nicolas Sarkozy“.

Serendipitous altruism

You’ll be forgiven for thinking this story is a repeat, because it is so similar to when the the MPAA violated copyright by making illegal copies of the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated, a movie that was critical of the MPAA.

I wish I had the answers when it came to copyright. It seems like the value of any content that can be converted to ones and zeroes is going to become dependent upon relevance and not on scarcity, because the cost to make all the world’s information available and searchable is less than the money that can be made by doing so (Cf. Google).

I’ll be releasing Natural Victims, a feature shot and edited in two weeks, for free online. I knew such an experimental movie was unlikely to make money, so I’ve been spending as little money on it as I could. My only concern is how to maximize the audience.

While I can’t hope to compete on production value with a multi-million-dollar Hollywood movie, I’m hoping there’s enough entertainment value in the movie combined with the price of free to make it worth people’s time & attention.

And, let me go on record. If Nicolas Sarkozy wants to make 400 copies of Natural Victims to share with his friends, he is welcome to do so!