I just read a very entertaining post on The Grassman, a movie production blog.

First of all, we have a bigfoot face. Steve, our creature mask designer, did an excellent job. We may have the nose width taken down a bit, but still… it’s a friggin bigfoot! Not suck at all! Cryptid goodness!

Secondly, at the time of this writing, our Panasonic GH-1 is still up in the air. Amazon has a shipping date of September, as does the Panasonic site. It’s a little nerve wracking.

Granted, should we have planned a movie around a camera that was not even released yet? No. On the other hand, we are financing this ourselves and can do whatever the hell we want. So, suck it. It won’t cost us anymore to delay, but it will be a major inconvenience. So, right now, this scenario sucks.

I’m starting pre-production on a feature right now myself*, so I sympathize. The post continues in the same entertaining manner. I love the recap at the end:

So, to summarize: awesome, suck, suck, awesome/suck mix, suckfest, awesome/suck/awesome combo.

This is one production blog I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

* A #2wkfilm tentatively titled Natural Victims — more on this soon.