Nice cheat sheet from Truly Free Films with some ideas of how to turn festivals to your advantage:

1. Some festivals will pay you
2. Maybe they can do a PAL dub for you
3. Foreign fests could supply you with translation that you can use later on DVD
4. Connection to local theaters

Truly Free Film: Cheat Sheet #3: Profit From Festival Play

Playing festivals seems in a lot of ways like a money pit, so I’m really taking a hard look at how much I want to spend on entry fees and postage when I start submitting my short, “Stull”.

I have a spreadsheet with tons of fests so you can sort them by date of submission, cost, etc. I didn’t make it; I got it from another, generous filmmaker. I plan to update it and post it soon for all, after I’ve gone through it in detail for “Stull”. It’s really a shame that the document needs to exist. Certainly Withoutabox could make their database able to generate a spreadsheet.