I was wondering how the AMC Burbank fit a new IMAX screen in. Now I know:

Here’s the background: AMC and Regal theaters have been advertising a new kind of IMAX experience, apparently duping people out of $5 for a screen that’s only slightly larger than a standard one.So claims an excellent article in LF Examiner, the independent journal of the large format motion picture industry. It chides the Imax Corp for not differentiating its new digital projection system in any way from the 15/70 film systems it has been installing in giant-screen theaters since 1970. This despite the fact that, according to Imax VP Larry O’Reilly, its two major digital partners, AMC Entertainment and Regal Entertainment Group, both originally wanted to brand the new screens as “IMAX Digital.”

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily » Is “IMAX Digital” Scamming Moviegoers?