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Putting this out there so I can find it again, and to help others, hopefully. If you’re a casual reader of the blog, skip on to the next post.

Got a strange little error MVL_INSUFFICIENT_SPACE in Avid Media Composer on the Mac when trying to export an AAF to the desktop. I knew there was plenty of space on the desktop, but I tried other drives, including a Unity one. No luck. The internet boards were recommending turning off drive filtering in Media Creation settings. That didn’t work either.

Turns out the Unity drive that had that media I was trying to export was 99.5% full. A quick trip into the Administration tool to add a few hundred gigs sorted that out.

By the way, this didn’t cause Avid to crash or slow in any way. So it’s nice to know you can bump up against space limits without that happening. (Would be nicer if the error just said what the problem was, and if it didn’t create empty .aaf files and make the .exported version of the sequence, but now I’m just dreaming out loud.)

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  1. Thank you, this could not be more helpful right now. Plus I really do wish the error messages told you the problem rather than forcing you to search the internet for answers to their confusing names.

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