Filmmaker Jedrzej Jonasz writes:

I am the director of the feature comedy “Low Budget”, a film about the world of independent filmmaking. We are releasing an abridged version of the film online through weekly episodes and thought that your audience might be interested in the film and this new form of distribution. To find out more about the film and see the first few episodes, please visit:

I did watch the first episode and it’s very funny. It has that low-key The Office-style humor that I love. I don’t recognize the two leads, but they both have great comedic timing and a good back-and-forth dynamic. I’m looking forward to watching more.

I’ve subscribed on iTunes so I can get the rest of the episodes. Filmmakers should study Low Budget’s website as a textbook for up-to-the-moment use of social media tools and clean, clear design.

It seems at least one of Jedrzej’s distribution strategies is to get people hooked enough on the webisodes that they’ll buy a DVD for $9.99 with extra content. I’m curious to see how that plays out.