You can listen to this South by Southwest panel at CinemaTech: Talking About the Future of Indie Film, at SXSW

UPDATE: It seems this recording cuts in and cuts out rather abruptly. I’m pretty sure the first voice is Ted Hope’s.

The discussion is pretty general, but I did hear some new stuff about the importance of film clubs. I also like the idea of pursuing several business models at once — donation, DVD, traditional distribution, TV sales.

Some of the panelists could care less that the big indie model is dying and like the art and innovation of the low budget. Still, it would be nice to settle on a model that is sustainable for filmmakers to be able to make many films of a certain production quality — i.e. have a career.

If you like this, you might also like the Sundance ‘Panic Button’ Panel, which I felt got deeper in a lot of ways in discussing the range of distribution models for indies and the state of the industry.

UPDATE: Great response from Noah Harlan.