An AC talks about working with the RED One camera:

On our cold November mornings in Chicago, most days the camera refused to boot without being reset 2-3 times. I recall one particular morning that required us to hold vehicle shots while trying to start the camera. It was the first shot of the day, and we had built up the camera and rigged the vehicle we were shooting from before booting the Red. Meanwhile, crew is standing by and the client is waiting. It was a tense moment for me and my 2nd as we reset the Red multiple times, waiting for that one magic moment when it would boot without freezing. Multiply that anxiety by the necessary 6-10 battery changes in a full shooting day (all requiring shutting down the camera), and you begin to understand why some users are frustrated by the bugginess. I know that I am. Prior to the start of principal photography, the Red was updated to Build 17, so at that time we were at the latest stable version of firmware. As I write this in mid-March 2009, the Red One stable firmware is still at Build 17. Build 18 is in Beta, and I assume that fixes are coming. And inevitably, new bugs. It is software, after all.

ProVideo FRESHDV by Matthew Jeppsen & Kendal Miller