Main Street Sundance 2009 Film FestivalThe prizes have been announced: SUNDANCE AWARDS: ‘We Live in Public’, ‘Push’, ‘Rough Aunties’, ‘The Maid’ Win Jury Prizes

Lillian and I didn’t see any of the winners, with the exception of my favorite Humpday, which won a Special Jury Prize for Spirit of Independence.

Push, which we turned down several opportunities to see, ended up being the big winner, with both a jury prize, an audience award and an acting award. The description in the program, which made us say, “Nah. What else is playing?” was the culprit.

Of course the real winners are the movies that gained wider distribution, earning the filmmakers a larger audience (and the investors some return on investment). With more ways for filmmakers to distribute, I look forward to being able to see more Sundance movies outside of Sundance than ever before.

In terms of what I’d do differently next time, I guess I’d try not to say no to a movie like Push. We could’ve easily fit in another movie a day. Three movies a day is doable for me, and what’s more, enjoyable. I talked to a lot of people there who can barely sit through one. Sundance, at least the movies part if not the parties part, is not for them. It is for the movie lovers.

I look forward to returning another year.