A quick note on the Globes: yes, I’m watching them right now. And also reading a book at the same time. So that’s the state of my investment in the outcomes. Personally, I liked last year’s strike-shrunken ceremony where the winners were read off one after the other.

It’s a pretty open secret here in Hollywood that everyone thinks the Golden Globes are fixed, but they also wouldn’t mind winning one. They do have a lot of influence, I think, on Oscar votes, either positively adding momentum or reactively inflating expectations beyond what the movie can satisfy. In the end, a win may just result in more Academy voters popping the screener in the old DVD player.

I saw The Reader earlier today. I’ll be writing up a review of it soon. I’ll try to catch a few more of the awards buzz films before I pass my summary judgment on the year of 2008 (looking like a below-average year so far, but not without some gems).

As for the people who go home empty-handed, I suggest they take a cue from constantly-repeating t.v. commercial for he’s just not that into you, which ends with some token sassy advice: “Get yourself some ribs and some ice cream, ’cause you’ve just been dumped.”

Link to the winners of 2009 Golden Globes

UPDATE: I was actually pretty happy with the choices. Except Kate Winslet twice. She was good and all in Revolutionary Road, but not as good as Meryl Streep was in Doubt. Slumdog definitely comes out of this show with big momentum. It’s a crowdpleaser, but it is not without flaws, especially in the acting. I’m wondering if the Academy, who is mostly actors, will be able to overlook that.

Anyway, the show moved at an okay pace (as long as you’re reading or typing on the internet at the same time) and I guess I’ll be watching again next year, pace Nikki Finke.