A couple of new websites have hit my radar that might be of use to indie filmmakers. I haven’t used them personally, but if I do and find them useful, I’ll post a full review.

Audio Micro

This is looks like a sound effects/stock music equivalent of microstock photo sites like iStock Photo. It’s still in beta, but for indie filmmakers who have already recorded their own personal library of sound effects, it looks like a way to get some cash out of it.


Another ‘social networking’ site like shootingpeople.org or fivesprockets.com, geared towards filmmakers. They are a bit late to the game, and have an, um, unusual name but I like the site’s clean design. It costs, but there’s a three months free membership if you register before ’09.

UPDATE: Nayer Paknia writes: “Just a quick note: Only the special UNUSUALS services cost but a basic membership with many many services such as presentation of showreels etc. is and will always be free of charge.”

FURTHER UPDATE: Ross Grayle Jones writes in about yet another social networking site for filmmakers, icewhole.com:

I just came across your blog and wondered if you’d seen the site Icewhole.com which is a social network for film makers that we’re involved with. It is supported by some great names, including Richard Attenborough/Morgan Freeman and has some fantastic short films.