Royal Baronial Theatre: Flip Camera Tilt-Shift Visual Experiments.

In case you’re wondering how it was done, see the discussion in the comments:

I used Final Cut Pro to do the effects. Essentially, just took the video and made three layers of the same video on top of each other.

1) Top layer put four or eight point garbage matte on it on the
area you want in focus, use feathering to smooth edges.
2) Middle layer put another garbage matte and have the area
slightly larger than the top layer, and put a small
gaussian blur of about 5-10 pixels
3) Bottom layer just put a gaussian blur on it 15-20 pixels.

Put some brightness and saturation filters on the video and crank up the saturation.

Added a widescreen matte to change the aspect ratio look.

Added some Time or Video strobe effects to remove frames and make it look more stop motiony in some of them.

Also used the Color Correction filter and increased highlights and mids to increase contrast (better than using the contrast increase).

[Via BoingBoing]