A post by Mark Cuban (All Your Video Is Belongs to Us – Blog Maverick) and the fact that I am soon launching a new website with a video component has me thinking about web video.

Of all the websites that pay for video content, I’m strongly leaning towards Blip.tv. While YouTube does pay and is more popular, they don’t start paying until you’re popular. Blip.tv has what I think is a non-annoying implementation of ads (they are Google ads!) and has a higher quality of Flash video.

So how do I propose getting around YouTube’s popularity? I’ll still post the videos on YouTube — but only 15 seconds of them and with a toss to my website to see the whole thing. That not only gives the video a YouTube presence, it should also ‘fingerprint‘ the video so that no one else can upload it.

With Blip.tv splitting what will surely be paltry ad revenues, I’m not expecting to get rich. But it would be nice if, after a few years of building an audience, the operation could start to fund itself. The fact that Revision3, perhaps the web’s most popular content creator, uses Blip.tv gives me great hope.

More on my web video venture in the coming days… And rest assured, Making the Movie will carry on as before, albeit with a great deal more insight into web video. From the video creator’s perspective.

Revision3 on TWIT

UPDATE 10:30pm:
In watching web video expert Scott Kirsner’s interview with the guy who runs micro-fundraising site IndieGoGo, I notice he uses Brightcove for the video. This makes me wonder if Brightcove’s revenue split is more favorable… Definitely will be writing more about this as the days go by…