You think the backlash against ABC after the debate was bad…

Check out The Artful Writer, where WGA screenwriters forcefully express their disagreement with WGA leadership who ‘named names’ in a recent e-mail of writers who ‘went financial core.’

Now, if you adhered to the strike like I did or like every writer I know did, you feel a natural antipathy to people who didn’t. And yet, as a pragmatist, I must ask…if a handful of soap opera writers went FiCore (and they did)…well…so what?

Electing to become a financial core non-member is a legal right available to all union members, enshrined by a United States Supreme Court decision. It is as non-criminal an act as opting to become a union member. We don’t have to like it, but must we now publicly shame, humiliate and punish those who opted for this? To what end? What are we achieving here? Is this a warning to the rest of us? Or is it merely an opportunity to smugly shower the impassioned mob with traitor’s blood?

These writers were frightened and intimidated, no doubt, by their corporate employers. These writers have not made millions of dollars screenwriting like many of our WGAw Board Members. Nor have they made millions running television shows like many of our WGA Negotiating Committee Members. I do not approve of what they did, but I’ll be damned before I judge them and their circumstances without knowing them, their families or their extenuating circumstances.

It’s inspiring to see so many writers are able to hold their noses and come out against this. If only our nation’s generals had similar courage.