USA Today gets some fanboys to analyze popular movie trailers:

Iron Man

Comments: The trailer, says Mirko Parlevliet, editor in chief of, “shows that they pulled this off. It features excellent special effects and shows that Robert Downey Jr. is perfect in the role.” Tom Burns of entertainment website agrees. “It is hard to exaggerate how effective the early trailers for Iron Man have been. … The best compliment that I can pay the Iron Man marketing team is that, when the last trailer was released, my wife, who is not a superhero fan, grabbed my arm and said, ‘I’ll go see that with you.’ They made the movie look like, first and foremost, a damn good time, and all the superhero CGI stuff is just icing on the cake. Good movie first, superhero origin story second.”

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Comments: “The trailer does a great job in showing the return of the character by saying what he has done before, with the music, the shadow of the hat and more,” says Parlevliet. Knowles says he still has “some nitpicks with the trailer. I wish the music and sound effects were mixed a little better. I think when the Indiana Jones theme comes in, I wish it just blew me out of my seat. When the whip cracked, I wanted it to feel like it snapped my ear off. … But the trailer did exactly what it was supposed to do.” Burns wonders whether future trailers will go from touting Indy’s return to attempting “to win people over to the straight-out-of-The X-Files plot device.”

Pineapple Express

Comments: “The trailer does exactly what it is supposed to do: Show this is a goofy-fun sort of stoner film that has an action twist to it,” Knowles says. “But apparently the movie does have a dark, dark turn to it.” Says Burns: “It shows us the weed-smoking, F-bomb-dropping humor we’re used to with a level of action and violence that we’ve never seen in the (writer/producer Judd) Apatow (Knocked Up, Superbad) universe. … The trailer does a nice job of making the action look funny and exciting without lapsing into parody. There’s a shot of Rogen jumping through the air at Gary Cole that looks like something out of House of Flying Daggers. I hope they pull it off.”

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