Ray at The Rec Show analyzes the career of Eddie Murphy and doesn’t like the context of his new vehicle, Meet Dave:

Previously known as Starship Dave, the newly-monikered Meet Dave stars Murphy as an alien who commands a starship in the form of a robot that looks just like Eddie Murphy.

How meta. Yawn.

Don’t Wanna MEET DAVE! : The Rec Show

Sounds like it could be a sequel to Pluto Nash. Or it could end up like Galaxy Quest, maybe. In any case, Ray is right that it is a far cry from the socially-aware comedies of Murphy’s early career.

After his legit turn in Dreamgirls (a movie Ray doesn’t mention), I would love to see Murphy do an indie, serious or not, where he can’t hide behind prosthetics or donkey animation. I still think the guy has chops he isn’t using.