Last night I partook of the Creative Screenwriting screening of Juno, directed by Jason Reitman and written by Hollywood’s phenom screenwriter, Diablo Cody. To tell the truth, Juno starts out way over-written. But as Reitman said in the Q&A, once the protagonist, Juno (Ellen Page), the sardonic free spirit of the title, tells her parents she has a baby growing in her belly, and that she wants to give it to a yuppie couple she found in a Pennysaver ad, the movie hooks you in and doesn’t let up.

Juno is much like last year’s feel-good indie movie, Little Miss Sunshine, in the way it digs emotion out of wacky characters. But it has none of Little Miss Sunshine‘s neediness or plot contrivances. Reitman, his editor and his cast walk the tonal balance beam without falling, and nail the landing.

As for whether Juno is actually a pro-life movie, Cody and Reitman plead ignorance. It is certainly a pro-adoption movie; although it also shows some of the perils of knowing the people who will be adopting your child.

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