Joel and Christine, the directors of indie film Rain in the Mountains (which this blog has chronicled all the way from pre-production) signed a deal with Vanguard International for domestic home video release.

Rain in the Mountains tells the story of Eric Smallhouse, a Native American who believes it is his destiny to lead his people back to the old ways. The problem is, he doesn’t know anything about the old ways.

Director Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals) called it “a slice of Native-themed humor for all ages” and it has won numerous awards at film festivals all over the world. I’m proud to have worked on it.

The movie comes out Feb. 26. is already taking pre-orders:



I’m particularly excited about the HD-DVD, which will allow people to see in great color and detail some of the phenomenal Pacific Northwest landscapes in which the movie was shot.

ALSO: Check out the new de-Flash-ified Rain in the Mountains website. Looks like the webgnomes took this advice for filmmakers with websites and made the site more searchable.