Mike at HD For Indies passes on an announcement from Avid:

In the past, we’ve seen how investing marketing resources in alternative, customer-focused activities, can be more effective with our users – and to our bottom line. It’s time for Avid to start giving something back to the industry and these activities will create a more vibrant community where customers and newcomers can learn, share, and understand where the industry is headed – and how they can help shape it.

I work on Avids all day long and let me just say: it’s about frakkin time.

For a long time, Avid was the only game in town. When Final Cut Pro came on the scene, showing Avid at the very least how give NLE users a better experience, Avid continued to act like they were the only game in town. By my count, three of Media Composer for Mac’s last four updates have had bugs that range from seriously frustrating to catastrophic. Troubleshooting an Avid without a tech that has worked with them for years is a nightmare. Avid’s web presence seems incapable of speaking in a language the end user can understand. Their disdain is clear when their website for Mac troubleshooting doesn’t even work in Safari. They recommend you download Firefox, rather than they design a website that works with the default Mac browser.

From what I hear, the PC version is no less buggy.

Ninety percent of the young filmmakers I know are learning to edit on Final Cut Pro. If Avid doesn’t get their products back down market, Final Cut is going to swallow them whole.