Mike at HD For Indies gave a demo of the RED camera in Spain recently:

-showing a series of boxes that start at NTSC, then go through PAL/DVCPROHD/720P/HDCAM/1080P/2K/4K, then popping a Red 4K Red frame behind all those to show HOW MUCH MORE you get, is VERY effective – good for gasps in any language

I was talking with a friend this weekend who says all the post houses here in town are still down on the RED camera and call it ‘the Red Scam’. I can understand the nonbelieving that went on before the camera came out. Frankly, what RED was claiming their camera would do was beyond overly ambitious — it was absurd. But now the camera is out and anyone can go to one of these demos and see with their own eyes that RED accomplished 98% of what they said they’d do, and in many cases exceeded expectations.

Now that the RED camera is out and the other big camera companies are rushing to make competitive products that follow a similar workflow, if you’re a big post house, it seems idiotic not to embrace a camera that is leading the trends in postproduction. It isn’t just poor indie filmmakers that are using this camera. Big boys with big budgets like Steven Soderberg and Peter Jackson are using this camera, and they are going to need somewhere to do post that knows the new workflow cold.

Steve, Peter — my mind is wide open. Call me.