All I’ve edited with “Stull” for the last two weeks has been inside my own head. While time spent thinking about how it should cut is valuable, it’s been more than a little frustrating that my late nights and weekends have been booked solid. Not that I haven’t been doing extra-curricular editing, but I’ve been doing it for the money, not for the love.

Meanwhile, I’m actually pretty happy with the pacing and the way the shots cut together. Sure, it’ll need more tightening. But it’s the audio editing that’s the big hill to climb at the moment. I guess one thing I’ve learned on this project is that even putting together a music score from temp tracks takes a ton of time — selecting and testing the various tracks for mood, cutting a sting to land at the perfect moment to create a scare. And that’s not to mention the editing of dialogue and sound effects — before even temp mixing it all. Horror is sound-driven. There’s no way around it.

It’s been nice to take my time, play around, learn. But it’s also something that I know I’ll need to call finished sooner rather than later, if only so I can move on to other things. I think once I buy plane tickets back to Kansas for Christmas, the pressure will be on to have something ready to show people while I’m back. And I want it to be really good, even if it’s a rough cut, because a lot of people won’t be able or inclined to ever see it again. That’s the way the entropy increases, I guess.

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