My mom ran into one of the actors the other day. He asked about the movie. I wish she had more to tell him. I warned everybody that exactly when they had forgotten about the whole thing, they’d get a DVD in the mail. It seems I wasn’t exaggerating.

Because of my play (see above), the editing of Stull has slowed to a stop. There’s something to be said for the momentum you have coming out of a shoot, moving into post-production. But when you’re your own editor, and you’re using the equipment at your work as available, there’s no keeping the momentum.

I’m not worried, however. I’m pumped to work on the short once I’m back from New York, and I think the time off will let me look at it a little more objectively. I have an editor friend who is going to go through the material with me, and will maybe even cut a few scenes himself.

Although the editing is stalled, I haven’t been completely ignoring “Stull”. I’ve been talking to other filmmakers about what my plans should be for festivals and distribution, and I’ve interviewed a possible composer. Because it is a horror movie, the sound design — of which music is a major part — is going to be absolutely crucial, and of-a-piece with the editing.

That’s all the news from Los Angeles. I’m looking forward to attending a screening of Rigged tonight.

UPDATE: Rigged Review