The last few days I’ve been working late, then staying even later at work to work on “Stull”. I’m not normally creeped out by being in a dark building, all alone. But the nature of the story of “Stull”, the unease that the characters are feeling, I think is influencing me. Now that the rough cut has gotten past the daytime scenes… well, I’ve had some moments of genuine fear.

I love it. I want to edit the movie this way the whole time. I believe the editor’s feelings do translate through the cuts. My sense of dread can only help.

I’m realizing now that certain reaction shots are scarier than any intentional ‘jump moments.’ Fear reads. Editing a horror movie is actually quite difficult, because with every shot you are striving not only to tell the story, but to create a sense of unease in the viewer. The sound design can go a long way towards this, but in this rough cut stage I’m not even worrying about the dialogue sounding clean. I’m just trying to find the best takes and the best points to cut between them.