Last night I helped a friend figure out how to export his 16 x 9 HDV Final Cut Pro sequence as a 4 x 3 letterboxed version suitable for uploading to (Hint: Just do an export in Quicktime, preserving aspect ratio using letterbox.) He’s been experimenting with various video-hosting sites — YouTube, Daily Motion — that don’t pay. I suggested, at least for his own website, he use a service like Revver or Brightcove and start re-couping a little of what he’s sunk in. (Then this morning I see on CinemaTech that is aggressively getting their users paid as well.)

Although YouTube is a dominator and looks to continue thanks to exclusives with Apple, the web video space is still a wild west. I’m looking at a model right now for a site that would act like a ‘channel’, aggregating select comedy videos & podcasts by several groups of people I know, so there can be new content all the time, and healthy cross-promotion. Something like Channel 101, but with different comedic sensibilities, and less wide open.

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