I’m still working on the timing for the big finale before I turn it over to VFX. I temp’d in some music — “Devil’s Got a Holda Me” by The Colour — to help me get a good rhythm to it. The timing still isn’t there 100% — but I haven’t posted anything in a while and this should be way more interesting to look at than the short clip I posted before

stulltest02.mov (79.67MB, Sorenson 3 codec) See the third version, below.
You’ll probably want to right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac) and save the file to a local drive.

I’m debating whether to have a bit of a continuity fudge and have the Sheriff walk by first. That’s how it was originally scripted. In that case, he’d walk in, the bottles would fly up, he’d stop and the door would ooze down, then the high schoolers would start walking in.

I have a few more ‘plates’ of breaking bottles but because of a lot of factors, including the instability of the circa 1850 wall, I don’t have as many or high up ones as I would like. Maybe my effects guy can do some magic, we’ll see.

UPDATE 6/16/07: A third version was close enough I’ve sent it to my effects wizard. (LINK REMOVED to save space on my ftp 12/2008. You’ll just have to see the movie.)