A movie about Michael Moore, Manufacturing Dissent, causes Pierson to question his idol:

Since I wasn’t sure exactly what anyone would make of “Manufacturing Dissent” or whether it added up to a hill of beans, I screened a working version of the film for several of my film producing classes at the University of Texas at Austin. You’ll be happy to know that here, like at many film schools, “Roger & Me” is embedded in the curriculum. When the students learned that you had in fact talked to Roger Smith more than once, it mattered deeply to them because they thought it undercut the entire premise of the film that launched your career. I admit not every single student was horrified by that revelation. The rest were more troubled by your inability to admit the truth eighteen years later. Frankly I was pretty thrilled to see that the current crop of university media hounds still cared passionately about the much cheapened and fungible notion of the truth.

John Pierson: An Open Letter to Michael Moore