While it may seem like I’m a huge Final Cut Pro booster because I rarely blog about Avid, I actually use Avid every day at my job. If you’re looking to work in post-production, Avid familiarity is a must. These Avid Educational Series Tutorials come recommended.

Of course, if you want make your own movies and have a reasonable budget to do so, I don’t recommend fooling with Avid at all. Final Cut Pro is more intuitive to learn and use and cheaper, plus it does everything you need. Adobe’s Premiere is also making a comeback of late, by focusing on DV creators who want a quality output with a minimal investment. I’m sad to say, I’ve never used Premiere. But if I was buying Photoshop and After Effects tomorrow, I’d probably fork out for the whole Adobe Media Bundle and give it a test install.

UPDATE: Even the editor who introduced Avid to Hollywood has trouble using it to edit home movies.