Since frame grabs from a movie can be hard to get, most movies budget for a still photographer. We didn’t have the budget to actually pay someone to do it, but luckily there were people on set with cameras, including actor Kurt Hanover, who had a really sweet Canon digital SLR. He just emailed me a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos, which I’ll put up in a gallery soon.

Also, I finally got a peek at the footage last night on a big HD monitor. It looks rawkin. Very cinematic. If all goes well, I should have some time this weekend to digitize it and start making framegrabs so the cast and crew can see the great results.

UPDATE: Here are some framegrabs… not the best examples but just some stuff I managed to get while I futzed around with the effect shots this weekend. Still working on a true gallery.

UPDATE: The gallery is up