Other than losing my cell phone somewhere between LAX and Kansas City’s MCI, it’s been a great day. I updated the script and shot list on the plane, went to my favorite pizza place with my family (Papa Keno’s), got to where I’m staying at about 2pm, did some quick printing of the above script and shot list and went to a production meeting.

The meeting was very low-key. I got to meet my DP, Hanuman Brown-Eagle, in person, finally. He’s as magnificent as his name! I talked with Casting Director (and cast member) Ric Averill about who I wanted to cast for the high school student parts. I also met Producer George Vogel for the first time. George is the guy who did a bunch of location scouting, and who is overseeing all the art direction for the film. After the meeting, we went to his new studio space, which is simply awesome in its possibilities. (He shares it with artist Stan Herd and production company Through A Glass.) It was raining all day, and that’s really my biggest concern — and the one over which I have no control.

So I’m not fretting it. Instead, I’m making a schedule for myself and updating the call sheet. Producer Greg Hurd called the young actors to give them the good news. My mom made me pancakes for dinner — chocolate chip pancakes! Life is good.

ALSO: More festival press for Rain in the Mountains

“It was shot in Chehalis, Centralia, in and around Olympic National Park,” Whittaker said. “It’s a Native American film, and it’s going to be shown in a yurt.”

Indie film festival explores fascinating topics – Film – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington