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How To Make Sugar Glass

In honor of my short film-to-be, “Stull”, which involves many broken beer bottles, I thought I’d post some of the fruits of my research into fake glass. This site has a good recipe (UPDATE: or not, see comment below):

Materials :

* Old saucepan
* Oven
* Baking thermometer
* 2 measures of water
* 1 measure of golden syrup
* 3 1/2 measures of sugar
* A mould for your glass (depending on the shape requirements)

Steps :

* Mix the water, golden syrup and sugar together in the saucepan and bring it to a boil on the oven.
* Leave it boiling until the mixture is thick, with almost all the water boiled off.
* Pour it into whatever mould you’re using and let it cool.

Notes :

* Keep it out of moist areas and direct sun.
* Sugar glass doesn’t last long (warps or goes sticky) so make it close to the time when you plan to use it.
* Though only sugar, the glass can have sharp edges/points when broken, so be careful when handling.
* Do not let the sugar caramelize otherwise it turns into a horrible brown
* To achieve the see through glass affect use liquid glucose instead of golden syrup. It still has the same properties just that it is clear.

There’s also such a thing as ‘rubber glass‘:

Rubber Glass is easy to use and crumbles to look like broken glass or ice. Use to finish the effect of an actors going through windows – they land on the ground and roll in the
Rubber Glass.

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  1. This doesn't work. The glass gets hard quickly the mixture is a paint to clean up. Stupidest idea ever.

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